Chef Hiroo Nagahara is the culinary mastermind behind the Chairman. He was formerly restaurateur Charlie Trotter's executive chef at Bar Charlie in Las Vegas and partnered with Mobi Munch to bring his food to the masses. As Chef Hiroo explains, "Mobi Munch challenged me to blur the lines between brick-and-mortars and the food truck scene. We wanted to see how far we could push street food using techniques from high-end restaurants and The Chairman was my first concept."


The Chairman truck is designed by Taiwanese-American visual artist James Jean, whose work has been published by DC Comics, Prada, ESPN and Atlantic Records.

The buns

Our buns are crafted by "Clement Restaurant" - a local, family-owned restaurant that's been making buns in San Francisco for over 40 years. The yeast culture, imported directly from China, imparts the sweet and authentic taste that our fans have grown to love. Our baked buns are also delivered fresh daily before every service.